Market research and promotion in one.

Sometimes our customers want to engage the consumer prior to the completion of the final product. We created this pack for distillers to send to their chosen consumer panel to try out several different products to gauge their response prior to launch. This pack uses no plastics and only sustainable materials, aluminium, solid folding board and glass.  It can also be adapted to be the primary postage pack.

Each pack hold three tube containing a double UK measure (50ml) of gin.  Designed having the look and feel of an experiment our intention was to reinforce the consumers understanding of the vital role they play, each gin variant is simply labelled giving no indication on the botanicals used allowing for a more impartial response.

Whether this is for a new distillery or for a new product range we find that by involving the consumer at the initial stage of development we can generate a loyal following at the earliest possible moment  as well as a great way of promoting online sales.

Branding and packaging design by Bombcrater Design.

3D modelling, visualisation has also been completed by Bombcrater Design.

We are designers, we offer pack visualising, we are experts in packaging technology and we also offer a full ‘cradle to grave’ design service with a no-nonsense approach.

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