Be bold, adventurous and daring, but with respect..

Our client requested a design that was ‘visually disturbing’.  We created Creag Isle so it was bold and adventurous whilst respectful to its traditional routes.  We balanced vibrant colours and minimalist design elements but kept the brands core values intact.  The design works on entry level right up to aged and vintage products without compromising the brand or the product.

Our expertise in packaging technology came to the fore, we challenged traditional print methods and push the limits of digital print and conversion creating a pack that retained its quality from production to display.

Branding and packaging design by Bombcrater Design.

3D modelling, visualisation has also been completed by Bombcrater Design.

We are designers, we offer pack visualising, we are experts in packaging technology and we also offer a full ‘cradle to grave’ design service with a no-nonsense approach.

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